︎ burning man free wi-fi

this was a collaborative art installation at Burning Man 2019. in addition to a Free Wi-Fi beacon on the playa designed to lure device-dependent Burners onto the “internet,” our signal extended to a network of Free Wi-Fi hotspots stationed at camps and art installations around Black Rock City. a commentary on self-commodification, Burning Man Free-Wifi evoked responses ranging from Gen Z joy to disgruntled, head-shaking skepticism to snarky veteran Burner approval. 

🔥 artists and collaborators:

Lead artist 💥 Amanda Ashley @miss_moth_design
Lead artist 🏴‍☠️ Kelly Vicars @oneyeros
Solar Battery Power Ranger 🔌 Jonny Hyman @jonny_hyman
Word Web Wizard 🧙🏻‍♂️ Steve Peak @sp3ak 
Network Expansion Manager 📡 Tom Robinson @tlrobinson

BIG THANKS to @thirdhandstudios for lending your talent, mad skillz, and incredible woodshop to the project!

our Fundrazr spiel:

Tired of wandering the playa looking for reliable connection? Exhausted that Instagram photos are too slow to load? Trying to stay #relevant while at Burning Man? 

You're in luck. 

The Burning Man Free WiFi Oasis and Device Uncharging Station provides a reliable and relieving connection for Burners and their devices. Illuminated at night and visible during the day, the 10-foot beacon and bench seat serves as a helpful landmark when navigation apps stop working. Rainbow lights indicate that the signal is strong.

When a device-dependent and/or millennial Burner approaches the beacon with cell phone in hand, they will find an available network to join. But what looks to be a promising connection is actually a rotating carousel of landing pages with PSAs designed to lead on, frustrate, and reflect the increasing trend of Burners' reliance on internet-connected devices and commodified self-image.

It's time for a metamorphosis. #Stayconnected.

Brought to you by Playa Tech Repair — dedicated to re-connecting Burners with what matters most.

💥 see more at @burningmanfreewifi