my name is kelly &

i’m a place-based artist,
︎graphic designer +
🌀 creative cycles guide

🌾 my studio is currently based in the Sonoran Desert, home to the Tohono Oʼodham tribe. I also call the Bay Area, home to the Lisjan Ohlone + Bay Miwok peoples, my ongoing home. I joyously support indigenous resurgence, indigenous sovereignty, and LAND BACK as our collective way forward. I honor native peoples as the original and ongoing stewards of the lands on which I live and work, and recognize their continuing connection to land, water, ceremony, + community. 

weaving disciplines, my creative work explores what it means to dream with place. this is an old songline whose notes stretch back through all of our ancestors’ intimately-tethered relationships with land. for me, this song weaves its way back to the british isles, where my ancestors dreamed with and were dreamt by the land in a reciprocal conversation that informed everything. I didn’t know this, of course, until it started happening to me, sometimes in confusing ways! now I look to it as a compass for my creative practice.  

my projects begin in the imaginal dark of sleep, in dreams, or while walking outside, and are nourished by practices of deep listening, dream + story mirroring, pigment foraging, and my perceptual experience as a multi-modal synesthete (I perceive music, text, and touch in color).

I am transfixed by edge-places where worlds combine: industry and “nature,” dominator matrixes and regenerative cultures of place, inner and outer landscapes, lands of living and dying. I am interested in the inherent alchemy of artmaking, and feel most like myself when I am turning “underworld” materials (descents, debris, sometimes dead things) into art.

my creative sensibilities owe much of their resilience and spirit to my experience as an apprentice wilderness rites of passage guide with the School of Lost Borders, a magical and many-limbed guide collective headquartered in Payahuunadü (the Owens Valley) along the Eastern Sierra. I was lucky to experience a wilderness fast at age 18, and am lucky to continue to support this regenerative ceremony.  

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I’ve shared my work at SFMOMA and California Academy of Sciences events, Burning Man, Bay Area art parties, and at Joshua Tree Music Festival. I sell prints at Kitkitdizzi in Nevada City and at Kiko on Kauai. check out more of my current and past projects HERE.

I studied Anthropology and Creative Writing at Stanford and received an MFA in Interdisclipinary Arts from Sierra Nevada University in Lake Tahoe.

I also work as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and cartographer (maker-of-maps) 🗺  learn more. 

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