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how might we loosen the mandate that creativity must always look the same, or even be โ€œreliable?โ€ creativity scoffs at our cultureโ€™s myths of linear, exponential progress. sometimes, it even runs and hides.

looking instead to the cyclical nature of the earth that sustains us, and to the dynamic cycles of our own inner ecologies, what becomes available when we work with creativity as a living, breathing  force that travels through seasons of decay, limality, dreaming, emergence, and expression?  

our creative bodies contain their own permissions and wise power. but remembering how to allow the creative cycle isnโ€™t always easy.  

when we begin to open to our creative genius, it can be confusing (to say the least). when i started out on my own creative journey, i needed help, and interviewed my creative friends about their process. read their answers in my Qโ€™s on creativity ๐Ÿ’ฅ


in gratitude to my mentors and teachers:
the School of Lost Borders, Roo & Pedro McMillan, Betsy Perluss, Deb Breazzano, Lindsay Mack of Tarot for the Wild Soul, Ariella Daly of Honey Bee Wild, the faculty at MFA-IA, Daniel Foor at Ancestral Medicine