I love working with clients and friends to create beautiful, custom works of art. each project starts with an exploratory conversation where we clarify your vision and dreams so I can make them a reality ✷  

some of the commissions I offer...


visual mirrors

a visual mirror tells a story – of a creative venture, personal dream, group journey, or life transition. these pieces have served as company logos and as beloved pieces of highly personal artwork.

inspired by the practice of mirroring the stories that wilderness fast participants bring back from the land, visual mirrors begin with an in-depth conversation that serves as the fertile soil for the art. each visual mirror is an emergent process that allows new layers of meaning and connection to come forth.

portraits of place

we work together to dream up a gorgeous piece of art that evokes and celebrates a place you love — be it wild, urban, or both. 

custom maps

a custom map features the locations that comprise a beloved neighborhood or city: favorite parks, old apartments, restaurants, race routes, coffee shops, and sites of big events. 

 🗺 custom maps make awesome wedding, anniversary, and anytime gifts.

mandalas +
ecosystem maps

...featuring anything you can think up... even cockroaches! 

‘ecosystem maps’ are circular visualizations of the natural cycles and more-than-human inhabitants of a beloved place.


I’ve created custom illustrations featuring loved ones (humans and animals alike), potent images from healing journeys, and illustrations for weddings and engagements.  

the sky’s the limit here - just ask

to learn more about the process or join my waitlist for commissions, please email me at studio@kelly-sinclair.com ︎