Kauai-crafted watercolors + Japanese pen & ink on paper

Available as a hand-embossed archival print on Somerset Velvet printmaking paper in three sizes (see below)


This ‘vertical landscape’ is a love letter to the Hawaiian islands from my family and me. 

From Hawaii’s seafloor to sky, this piece honors the oceanic, terrestrial, and volcanic depths of the Hawaiian islands and the voyaging people who are its original people and wisdom keepers. Created using watercolors made in Kauai, it is a living love to a beloved place.

As a family with an ongoing connection to Hawaii as settlers and allies, we look to the land and its people for instruction in how to relate with Hawaii in ways that are pono - in integrity.

30% of proceeds from the sale of these prints supports Help Maui Rise , a fundraiser distributing funds to affected families, and I Olu Wailuanui, a courageous effort on Kauai to return disputed lands that once housed the Coco Palms Resort into the stewardship of Hawaiians and the community. I chose these two organizations because they are dedicated to both immediate and ongoing repair. You can donate to these orgs directly by clicking on the links above.

To provide immediate assistance to displaced Lahaina families, you can send money directly through this vetted GoFundMe.

SEA TO SKY prints come in three sizes:

HOKU (star): 4.625'' wide x 16'' tall
KAHAKAI (shore): 14.16'' wide x 46'' tall
MAUNA (mountain):
19'' wide x 68'' tall
(original size)

note: the two larger sizes of the prints are hand-embossed —  a labor of love that takes about five hours and makes each print unique!

framing: as part of your order, you have the option of adding a magnetic wooden scroll frame that attaches to the artwork’s top and bottom and makes it easy to frame this piece without the expense of custom-framing.

to see the price list and order a print, email me at studio@kelly-sinclair.com



19'' wide x 68'' tall
14.16'' wide x 46'' tall

4.625'' wide x 16'' tall